Take the power back?

I have no words of wisdom to impress on you for the New Year. Most likely you are already being the change you want to see. Or aiming for it. Or dreaming of it. And that’s something.

So I thought I would share this with you. Inspirational and extreme, it might not be for everyone, but it might just make you look at the way you live and spend. Inspire you to make that small change.

As the shops and malls fill up with people rushing to fill their homes with items they never knew they needed or wanted until the price had 70% off, I just wanted to introduce you to this guy and his lifestyle that seems so extreme in this modern world but is so close to how we used to live. Money has alienated us ever further from our the planet we inhabit, that we seem to only know how to exploit and pollute. The concept of coins and paper being the route to aqcuire all the objects of our desire seems so abstract and yet it is our everyday norm. When once we all had and made our own shelters, grew and hunted our own food, ignited our own fires, we now have to spend most our lives in places we don’t always want to be, to be rewarded with money to pay for our shelters, our food and our warmth.

If money is the foundation for all things powerful, then how come giving it up and removing the need for it seems to take the power back…?

Happy New Year.

The man who lives without money.



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